A calf escapes from the slaughterhouse and is adopted by a family of wild deer

Meet Bonnie, this adorable white and brown cow is now living a happy life at Farm Sanctuary, New York. But it’s been a long, scary, yet magical road to get here.

When Bonnie was just a calf, only 4 months old. Her home back then was a slaughter farm, she had no future and she knew it.

In fact, it was her family’s desperate cries that caused her to run from her home, while her owners were busy loading a trailer, Bonnie took the opportunity to run into the nearby woods.

Word of Bonnie’s brave escape spread quickly, although people caught occasional glimpses of her, no one was able to actually capture her.

Bonnie remained on the loose for several weeks, which left many in awe of how this farm animal managed to survive alone in the woods during the winter season.

They soon found the answer, she was not alone.

She was discovered by some cameras installed by hunters in the forest. They saw that Bonnie was surrounded by a herd of deer.

Bonnie had found solace in the herd and it seemed they had accepted her as one of their own. They sat together, ate and even rested all like a herd.

One day, Bonnie was on the land of animal lover Becky Bartels, and Becky knew that Bonnie needed all the help she could get to get through the tough winter.

So every day she would walk through the snow and bring Bonnie a sled full of food and bedding. Bonnie was still terrified of humans, but eventually warmed to Becky and allowed her to pet her.

Bonnie was not safe and because to this, Becky decided to contact Farm Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization committed to the rescue and care of abused farm animals.

They help by giving them a cozy, long-term residence where they may unwind and enjoy long, happy lives.

So Farm Sanctuary sent a rescue team to get Bonnie and take her to her new home. It took several tries, but in the end it was a success.
Bonnie has adjusted quite well after eight months in the wild with her deer herd. She has made friends and is constantly showered with all the affection she deserves.

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