A dog cries with joy when he finally meets again the cow who raised him

It is said that there is nothing stronger than the connection between a mother and her child, biological or not. So, what you will read next will not surprise you almost at all, but it will certainly bring tears into your eyes.

Who said animals can’t love as intense as humans? On the contrary, animals are capable of strong emotions such as love and devotion, especially when the connection between them is similar to that of a mothers with their child.

Meet Rookie, an adorable puppy who lived on a large farm alongside many other animals. Rookie, who had lost her mother early, woke up looking for a maternal figure to bind, and found her in another animal, a cow.

The puppy, after losing his mother, began to spend more time in the barn, where he became friends with the cows that lived there. Soon, Rookie was very attached to one of the cows, who, in turn, decided to “adopt” him as her son.

The cow and Rookie spent a lot of time together, playing and hugging, and the cow even allowed Rookie to sleep on her back. They were truly separated for almost two years, until the farmer, because of some difficulties, decided to sell one of his cows, and this was Rookie’s “mother”.

The farmer dragged the cow outside the stable, it was time for the cow to meet her new owners. Rookie, who was seeing all , could not believe hes was separated from his mother. You can see his eyes shining with tears. The little puppy began to bark and bark, but the farmers did not cancel the transaction.

The puppy fled outside the barn and looked with sad and longing eyes at his mother, being taken away. The cow in turn began to roar, causing Rookie to follow her call. The farmer noticed Rookie running after the cow, but he couldn’t stop the puppy, because he was running fast

The cow was sold to a neighboring farm, so Rookie managed to locate it quite quickly. The cute dog found his mother waiting for her new stable, but their meeting was soon interrupted by the new owner who took Rookie back to his house.

The separation of his mother hit Rookie strongly, who soon fell into depression.

The little puppy lost his appetite and all the energy. He really wanted to do anything but cry his mother’s loss. He began to spend all the time on the street, crying to the place where the new cow’s house was.

This made the farmers change their minds and finally decided to buy the cow back! The puppy was finally meeting with his mother. You can only imagine Rookie’s euphoria when his dear mother returned to him.

The farmers urged Rookie to make more friends, putting some distance between cow and puppy, even tried to make him observe other cows, but we all know that the connection between a mother and a child/puppy is very very hard to break.

Love is such a beautiful thing and is truly amazing when we can witness it in all different forms of life. Let’s hope Rookie and his mother will be happy together for many other years from now!

If you want to see more about Rookie, watch the video below.

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