A puppy looking for help for his sick sister, begs the rescuer to follow him and rests his paw on her

Raising animals is not easy because you have to take care of them just like children, but the owner of these dogs abandoned his dogs instead of taking them to treatment. The dogs, who are still so young, were left to fend for themselves in a dump !

The poor puppies thought when they heard the noise that their owner was coming to get them. They began to squirm with excitement, only to be disappointed! They comforted each other with kisses and hugs!

In the end, a compassionate woman came across their plight and offered her assistance. Despite her financial limitations, she provided them with nourishment and water. Recognizing the need for professional help, she reached out to an animal rescue organization since she couldn’t afford to take them to a vet.

Thankfully, the rescuers were able to locate the two ailing young puppies. When they took one of them, the other pup fled momentarily but soon halted and gazed back at the rescuers, seemingly urging them to come along.

As they followed the pup, she led them to her other sibling who had passed away from exposure and starvation. Heart-wrenchingly, the surviving pup was aware of her sister’s demise and made efforts to revive her.

Fortunately, the two puppies were taken to the medical center where they are being tested for illnesses. They discovered that the dogs have Demodex mange, which is treatable. They were then taken to a placement center, where they stayed there for several months being treated. Fortunately, they were both adopted into the same family as they are fully recovered. What luck!

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