A rain-soaked little puppy wants to go with a good man, but his trauma is bigger than him

Rescue groups around the world work tirelessly to change lives. A group responded to a call about a puppy. He was found alone, soaked to the skin and obviously starving. A puppy as young as him is even more prone to tragedy, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Especially since he likes to meet people running down the street. It was only a matter of time before he was hit by a car. Something had to be done. Quick!

The rescue group, We Saved A Puppy, rushed to save the pup. They named him Stormy because they found him in the pouring rain. He would run towards them, tail wagging, but as soon as they tried to take him in their arms, he would retreat.

The rescuers continued to try to capture the puppy. Finally, with a trail of food and quick moves, they managed to catch him. He is so precious!

They immediately took Stormy to the vet. The poor puppy was full of fleas. Blood tests showed he was anemic due to flea infestation and lack of proper diet. Stormy is given a dewormer and medication for anemia.

The next step is a flea bath. YAY! Those creepy crawlies have to go! Plus, Stormy is dirty since he was on the streets. He will feel so much better!

She dresses him in a cute dinosaur onesie to keep him nice and warm! Then, they posted his photo on their social media page, and adopters jumped at the chance to take him home.

Sweet puppy finds a wonderful owner. Look how big she has grown! WOW! See what happens when rescuers step in and stop at nothing to save a life!

We love that this little guy has found his happily ever after!

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