A starving puppy and her malnourished puppies were saved just in time

With multiple animal rescue cases, timing is critical. A ticking clock scenario is where rescuers have the opportunity to rescue newborn puppies. The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are critical, and proper nutrition is essential for their well-being as well as growth.

When an abandoned female dog gave birth on the streets in 2020, the people who discovered her knew they had to act fast if they had any chance of saving the entire household. After giving birth to a litter of 6, the mother dog was completely exhausted. She no longer had the stamina to take care of her new children.

Sadly, 2 of these puppies didn’t make it. Very likely, the rescuers were there to make sure the others were spared that dreadful destiny.

The gathering of pet dogs turned out to be hostile, with the worried and exhausted mother dog displaying aggressive behavior towards the rescuers. Despite the fact that she was still wearing a collar, they concluded she had been abandoned long time ago

Abandoned pets have a higher point of aggression towards human. This distressed mother snapped at rescuers as they worked to collect the cubs. They noticed her concern and recognized that she really didn’t trust strangers.

At one point, however, they took the entire family off the street. The 4 puppies had a rough start in life, but at least they all had each other to lean on.

When the rescue provided the pet dog’s mother with proper nutrition and water, she regained her strength. After that, she was able to feed her cubs the milk they desperately needed. For the first 4 weeks, their mother’s milk is the only food the puppies get.

With adequate food to fill their bellies, the pupiies, who previously could not fend for themselves at all, started growing. Not long after, they opened their eyes for the first time. The pet mother remained with fear, but felt better with her own food to eat.

If rescuers found these dogs later, who knows how many puppies would have surely endured. And also, life on the streets is difficult for any kind of adult pet as well. This mother was most likely scared before she even gave birth to her young.

Watch the video clip story of this family’s rescue and also their improvement on Family pet Fostering’s YouTube channel below:

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