Cocker Spaniels Say “Hello” To Fish In The Tub

These Cocker Spaniels are intrigued by an unfamiliar “visitor” occupying their bathtub. They watch with fascination and a hint of confusion, their heads tilted in that characteristic canine expression of puzzlement. There’s something distinctly out of place in their normal environment and they can’t help but be curious about this odd guest.

For those curious onlookers, the bathtub’s occupant is a carp, a rather unusual sight for most households but not in this case. This fish is not here for a leisurely soak. Instead, it’s awaiting its role as the centerpiece of the upcoming Christmas dinner.

This might seem unusual to many, but in the Czech Republic, it’s a long-standing tradition. During Christmas, it’s customary to have carp for dinner, freshly bought from the market. The tradition stems from a deep cultural significance. Carp is regarded as a symbol of good luck and prosperity in many cultures and its presence on the dinner table at Christmas enhances the festive spirit.

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