Dog Spends 301 Days In Shelter, Reunites With Family Who Thought She was Dead

After a staggering 301 days apart, a Florida family has joyfully reunited with their beloved dog, Juicee, all thanks to a photo shared on social media. The pitbull mix had been brought to the Austin Animal Center (AAC) in Texas as a stray back in June 2022. Recently, a friend of the family stumbled upon Juicee’s photo when it was posted on the center’s Spanish language Facebook page, “Mascotas de Austin.”

The family was astounded to discover that Juicee was alive and wasted no time. They immediately embarked on a 20-hour car journey to be reunited with their cherished companion. In response to the family’s revelation, AAC commented on their Facebook post, revealing that the owners had been informed by their neighbor that Juicee had passed away. However, AAC stated that they don’t possess any further details and added that speculating beyond that would be unfounded.

In a heartwarming video shared by AAC, Juicee can be seen leaving her kennel for the last time. Eagerly tugging on her leash, she exudes pure excitement when she spots her family. Overjoyed, Juicee jumps up to greet them, demonstrating her elation.

Throughout her lengthy stay at the shelter, Juicee had been cherished by volunteers. Upon hearing the news of the reunion, Kelli Patrick, a volunteer, expressed her delight on Facebook, stating, “As a volunteer, Juicee was one of my favorites! This is just the best news… so happy for her and her family!”

Luis Herrera, a public health educator at the Austin Animal Center, shared, “Juicee was unsure of strangers while she was in the shelter, but the second she saw her family, she was all tail wags and smiles,” as reported by FOX 7 Austin.

The shelter staff is overjoyed for Juicee and her family, emphasizing that this miraculous reunion underscores the significance of utilizing social media platforms for Spanish-speaking individuals and their pets.

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