Dog who spent years chained up sees ocean for the first time

When Herschel the German Shepherd saw the ocean for the first time, he screamed like a human, likely due to the trauma he had experienced in his first five years of life. During that time, he was kept chained up in a backyard filled with dirt, leading to worn-down teeth from trying to chew through the metal. Fortunately, rescuers were able to save him from his difficult past.

In the end, Herschel’s previous owner made the right decision by surrendering him to Michelson Found Animals. This animal rescue organization provided the necessary medical treatment and care that the dog desperately needed.

Herschel faced numerous adoption and return attempts over a period of six months due to his difficulty in adjusting to new environments. Having been deprived of socialization during his initial years, Michelson Found Animals aimed to find Herschel a loving and nurturing home. In pursuit of this goal, they enlisted the help of Rocky Kanaka, the host of Dog’s Day Out, a show dedicated to providing enjoyable experiences for canines with tough pasts. Rocky treated Herschel to a day filled with delectable food, including a special doggy cupcake, and fun activities such as playing in the snow. During this episode, a viewer expressed a desire to adopt Herschel and provided him with a new home in Los Angeles. Rocky accompanied Herschel on a road trip to his new loving family.

During their road trip, Rocky made a stop at the beach to let Herschel experience the ocean for the first time. As they walked onto the sandy shore, Herschel’s pure excitement was evident through his enthusiastic barks. Rocky was delighted to witness the joy on the young pup’s face. Together, they played in the sand and surf, with Rocky sporting a wide grin as they frolicked in the warm water.

Happily, Herschel now resides with his owner in Los Angeles, where he can enjoy frequent trips to the beach to his heart’s content. This affectionate pup can’t get enough of the ocean, and considering his past struggles, he deserves to spend as much time in the water as he desires!

Despite his difficult past, Herschel is a kind-hearted dog who remains gentle and pleasant. If you are interested in discovering more about Herschel and watching him play in the water, feel free to watch the video posted below.

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