Dog with ‘Melted Eyes’ Breaks The Heart of His Rescuer

When Ermioni Giannakou, an experienced dog rescuer, laid eyes on Odysseus for the first time, she was struck by the mystery of how such a small dog managed to survive on the streets, finding food and water despite his disabilities.

“My heart broke the moment I saw Odysseus, there on the streets, sick and utterly alone,” Ermioni recalled. It didn’t take long for her to realize that he was both blind and deaf, with one of his eyes missing while the other remained blind. The pain of his past was evident from the collar around his neck, a stark reminder that he was once someone’s beloved pet. But there were no signs of a microchip, and nobody seemed to be searching for him – neither the authorities, local veterinarians, nor through social media or their organization.

Even though Odysseus was terrified and kept fleeing, it took Ermioni several hours to gain his trust and finally capture him. He sought refuge in a crumbling and perilous building, making the rescue even more challenging. However, Ermioni’s determination prevailed, and she managed to secure him safely without him resorting to biting.

From that moment on, Odysseus’s life took a remarkable turn, finding a new chance at love and care under Ermioni’s compassionate watch.

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