Dogs Cleverly Follow Shelter Worker Around Kennel to Avoid Getting Wet

Clever dogs figure out how to stay dry during kennel cleaning

A group of dogs at a shelter in Quito, Ecuador, have figured out a clever way to avoid getting wet during kennel cleaning. As soon as the worker turns on the hose, the dogs start following her around, staying just out of reach of the water.

The worker, who shared a video of the dogs on social media, wrote, “I was cleaning the Accion Animal Ecuador Shelter with the hose, and the dogs hide so as not to get wet.”

The video shows the dogs running and jumping around, trying to stay dry. One dog even tries to climb up the worker’s leg.

The dogs’ antics have amused viewers online, with many people commenting on how clever they are. Some people have also said that the video made them laugh, which is a welcome relief in these difficult times.

The worker who filmed the video said that she is happy that the dogs are finding ways to stay entertained during their stay at the shelter. She said that the dogs are all very sweet and loving, and she hopes that they will all find loving homes soon.

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