Funny Boxer Scared of Farts

Dozer, the adorable canine, seems to have an amusing aversion to fart noises. Whenever he emits a few toots, he curiously gazes towards his rear end, attempting to decipher the source of the unusual sounds. His mom, catching on to his reaction, playfully questions him, “Dozer, is your butt making funny sounds?” With a quizzical expression, he looks back at her, seemingly puzzled. But the moment she mimics the fart sound, Dozer glances at his posterior and swiftly bounces away, seemingly wanting to distance himself from the noise. How utterly adorable!

Dozer’s response brings to mind the similar reaction exhibited by Bullit the Pittie, emphasizing the shared dislike for flatulence noises among our canine friends. On the other hand, Gibson the French Bulldog showcases a different response, but still shares Dozer and Bullit’s distaste for such sounds.

The viewers of Dozer’s antics simply cannot get enough of his adorable reactions. One individual enthusiastically commented on YouTube, expressing their love for the video, stating, “I have watched and rewatched this video countless times, and Dozer’s facial expressions never fail to crack me up. I adore this dog; he is incredibly cute!”

Another viewer humorously admitted, “I can’t resist watching this, LOL. It’s incredibly cute and funny every time!”

It’s evident that Dozer’s endearing reaction to fart noises has captured the hearts and tickled the funny bones of those who have come across the video. His lovable expressions and playful demeanor have become a source of joy and laughter for countless viewers, making him an internet sensation and an absolute delight to watch.

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