Heartwarming bond : 2 legged puppy finds comfort and love in foster dad’s embrace

Nobby, the young pup, came into the world without front legs. At just four hours old, the veterinarian suggested euthanasia as the kindest option for him. However, Nobby’s owner had other plans.

Nobby’s life began under challenging circumstances. Born without front legs, he struggled to reach his mother for nursing. Although his mother accepted him, Nobby’s siblings pushed him aside, preventing him from feeding.

To make matters worse, the veterinarian believed it would be most humane to euthanize Nobby, given his dire state at only a few hours old.

However, Lou Robinson from Texas, who along with her husband Mark, has been a lifelong caregiver to homeless and unwanted dogs, had a different vision. They swiftly chose to defy the vet’s advice, instead deciding to take Nobby under their wing. They welcomed Nobby into their home, providing round-the-clock care, affection, safety, and nourishment via a bottle.

Initially, Nobby seemed to be doing fine.

“His eyes opened, his ears developed. You could hear his bark, he could smell and recognize voices,” Lou Robinson shared with The Dodo. But things began to shift.

When Nobby was about a month old, he started sneezing. He was unable to pass stool and tiny bubbles began to form at his nose. After conducting an X-ray, it was revealed that Nobby’s esophagus had a problem.

Nobby was prescribed antibiotics and placed in an incubator. The situation appeared critical – but Nobby displayed an extraordinary determination and will to live.

He refused to give up. He fought on. And as long as he had a shot at a fulfilling life, his foster parents were ready to fight alongside him. Thankfully, Nobby gradually improved. Today, three years later, this remarkable little fighter has proven himself a true survivor.

Sure, life presents several obstacles for Nobby, but he has shown the world that no hurdle is too high. The Robinsons even created a Facebook page for him so people could follow his journey.

Judging by the recent posts and photos, Nobby seems healthier and happier than ever. He has matured into a resilient dog, who enjoys playing and exhibits a keen interest in life and all its offerings. He even has his own custom wheelchair, enabling him to move around and play with ease.

Nobby is a genuine source of inspiration! Despite his differences, he exemplifies that being unique is never a hindrance.

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