Heroic Pit Bull Saves His Owner’s Life By Alerting Good Samaritan to Medical Emergency

Astro, a brave dog, showcased the depth of his loyalty and love by coming to his owner’s rescue.

After departing from their El Paso residence on Wednesday, Astro’s owner suddenly required emergency medical assistance, as reported on the El Paso Fire Department’s Facebook post. Without missing a beat, Astro sprang into action, seeking help.

Fortunately, a nearby individual noticed Astro’s frantic barks. Like a true hero, Astro led this kind-hearted stranger to his distressed owner, prompting them to call for emergency services.

“As a result, both Pumper 15 and Rescue 31 were able to step in and assist, ultimately saving the man’s life,” the EPFD shared.

A member from the fire department mentioned to the local media that Astro was so worried about his owner that he even attempted to jump into the ambulance as it left.

Astro’s astonished family shared with KTSM that they never anticipated such heroics from their pet, especially since he wasn’t trained for emergencies. “We never imagined he’d pull off something like this,” said Bertha Martinez, Astro’s owner and the mother of the individual he saved, in her chat with the channel.

A Second Chance Leads to a Heroic Tale
About a year ago, Astro was just another stray wandering the streets of El Paso before Martinez welcomed him into her home. Martinez confessed to KFOX14 that she had initial reservations about her new pet.

“To be honest, I’ve always been wary of pit bulls. When we first brought him home, I wasn’t sure if we’d keep him for long,” she admitted.

Now, Martinez feels profoundly grateful for giving Astro a chance. Because of him, her son is safe and recuperating. And in return, Astro has a loving, forever home.

“Astro has exemplified what many dogs like him are truly about. He reminds us to see beyond the outer appearance and recognize the goodness these pets bring,” shared Ramon Herrera, interim director for El Paso Animal Services, during a ceremony celebrating Astro.

To honor Astro’s courageous act, the EPFD hosted a special event where the commendable pit bull received a medal of honor and a delightful doggy cake. The community gathered to shower appreciation on this heroic canine.

Astro’s story brings a ray of hope to a breed that has historically faced prejudice. Pit bulls often linger in shelters longer than other breeds, waiting for a loving home. The breed-specific legislation, which restricts or bans certain breeds in specific regions, further puts pit bulls at a disadvantage, even though there’s no evidence supporting that these laws make communities safer. Stories like Astro’s help debunk myths and show the world that, given the right environment, pit bulls can be heroes rather than threats.

In the words of the EPFD: “Who’s the best boy around?”

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