Neglected Husky Who Spent Over 10 Years On A Chain Embraces Becoming A Family Dog

A senior Husky named Cloud was rescued from a life of neglect after emergency workers responding to a call at a demolished home in New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania noticed him tied to a heavy chain in the backyard.

Cloud was skinny and appeared malnourished, and he had a large mass on his back. The emergency workers immediately contacted animal control, who took Cloud to the local animal shelter.

At the shelter, Cloud was given a bath, a full medical exam, and a good meal. The mass on his back was diagnosed as a benign tumor, and it was removed without complication.

Cloud was soon put up for adoption, and he was quickly snapped up by a loving family who gave him the home and the care that he had always deserved.

Cloud is now living the good life with his new family. He has a soft bed to sleep in, plenty of toys to play with, and walks in the park every day. He is also getting regular checkups at the vet, and his tumor has not returned.

Cloud is a reminder that even the most neglected animals can find happiness and love. He is grateful for his new family, and he is enjoying every minute of his new life.

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