Paralyzed dog was about to be euthanized until vet felt a tick

Ollie, a 10-year-old Shetland sheepdog, found himself in a perilous situation after a family camping trip resulted in paralysis, prompting a consideration for euthanasia.

Ordinarily, Ollie was an energetic and healthy dog, renowned for his love of the outdoors and the joy he derived from joining his family on camping expeditions. However, after returning from one such trip, Ollie’s behavior took a worrying turn. The once lively dog was now listless and his appetite had dwindled, signaling to his family that something was awry.

Soon after, Ollie lost all ability to move, eat, or even relieve himself. His concerned family rushed him to the veterinary clinic without delay.

Sadly, the vets were stumped as to the cause of Ollie’s condition. Witnessing their beloved pet’s distress was too much for his family to bear, leading them to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize him.

While preparations were underway for Ollie’s euthanasia at DoveLewis Animal Emergency Hospital, a fortuitous turn of events occurred. An intern, who was petting Ollie and scratching him behind the ear, discovered a tiny lump which was later identified as a tick.

Remembering a rare condition called tick paralysis from his studies, Dr. Adam Stone swiftly linked the symptoms. All the signs exhibited by Ollie matched this condition. The tick was promptly removed, and Ollie’s family was advised to wait for a few days to observe his progress.

To ensure no other ticks were lurking, Ollie’s body was shaved before he was allowed to return home. Amazingly, within 10 hours, Ollie was back to his old self. His family, overjoyed with his recovery, brought him back to the clinic to demonstrate his miraculous turnaround.

Deeply appreciative of the medical team’s efforts, Ollie’s family committed to vigilant tick prevention in the future. Their dog’s close shave with euthanasia served as a crucial reminder for all pet owners to keep a close watch on their pets’ health.

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