Rare footage shows a six-month-old baby elephant laughing during a game at the wildlife reserve

Obviously, capturing an image of a newborn elephant giggling with delight is extremely rare. Probably many people do not know that elephants can make such sounds. That’s why in 2014, a video of a six-month-old elephant grinning at the Maevang Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, went viral, with viewers marveling at the elephant’s joy and cute laughing sounds.

It’s no wonder this video has gotten so much attention: it’s too beautiful to describe in words. You will remember an innocent child as you watch the elephant enjoy while playing. This demonstrates that many newborns, not just human newborns, are capable of feeling delight and pleasure.

The video was shot in Thailand at the Maevang Elephant Camp near Chaing Mai. According to Metro, a student named Laura-Jane traveled to Thailand from Aberdeenshire to celebrate her recent college graduation. Laura-Jane, we’re sure, never anticipated making a video that would go viral as she celebrated her achievement.

He felt this was a moment worth sharing with others when he saw the baby elephant having so much fun on his visit to the elephant camp, though.

She had no idea that hundreds of other people would view the adorable elephant images she had shared on her social media page. In the footage, the baby elephant’s nanny can be seen playing with the child while caring for it. The infant elephant is clearly amused by the two as they play with a plastic bucket.

The cute giggling noises coming from the baby elephant captivated the guests who sat around and watched. Laughter is contagious and it’s hard not to smile when you watch this video. Lauren-Jane has a PhD in geology, so she must appreciate being in nature and is clearly excited to see the elephants having fun at the elephant camp, according to Metro.

Although many elephants are still kept in cages at zoos and circuses, it is wonderful to see one at camp having fun in a natural setting. The mother elephant can even be seen nearby, alert to the action to protect her cubs, but also knowing that they are safe in the camp.

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