Rescuer Shocked By Terrible Condition Of Malamute

Upon his arrival at The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County, there was significant uncertainty surrounding Ronan, the Alaskan Malamute’s chances of survival. Overcoming a severe health crisis, Ronan received the much-needed care that pulled him through, and the shelter decided to reach out to The Asher House for further assistance. Lee, from The Asher House, promptly arrived to pick up Ronan, recognizing that the resilient pup would require extensive care and attention. Lee’s initial assessment upon meeting Ronan conveyed the magnitude of his health struggles, remarking, “This dude is messed up.”

The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County provided details on the numerous health issues plaguing Ronan. Lesions covered his body, while osteoarthritis and a thyroid problem compounded his skin condition and contributed to his diminished appetite. However, Lee made a heartfelt promise to both Ronan and the Humane Society—he would do whatever it takes to restore Ronan’s health and well-being.

The first step towards fulfilling that promise involved giving Ronan a much-deserved spa day. The grooming session was no easy task, as Ronan’s skin required thorough cleansing to eliminate the persistent yeast and fungus. Exhausted from the day’s activities, Ronan eagerly settled down for a well-deserved nap.

Despite his current state of pain, which understandably makes him irritable, we remain optimistic that Ronan will experience a significant improvement in his condition now that he has joined the Asher House pack. With Lee’s unwavering dedication and the love and care provided by The Asher House, Ronan’s path to recovery looks brighter than ever.

While the journey to restore Ronan’s health may be challenging, the commitment and compassion exhibited by Lee and The Asher House will undoubtedly make a profound difference in the brave Malamute’s life. Together, they are determined to bring Ronan back to a state of optimal health and ensure that he receives the happiness and comfort he deserves.

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