Shelter dog who’s been wearing a Christmas sweater for two months finally gets a ‘Furever’ home

A dog by the name of Bobby was given up to Miami Dade Animal Services and quickly formed a close bond with the volunteers, winning their hearts.

Sadly, this did not mean that Bobby was immediately adopted. In fact, his prospects seemed quite grim after spending just two months at Miami Dade Animal Services. The reason for this was his placement on a list no animal wants to be on: the code red list.

But fortune was about to take a turn for Bobby, thanks to the power of social media. A picture of him dressed in a Christmas sweater was shared online. However, his expression was a stark contrast to his holiday-themed attire – he appeared downtrodden and heartbroken.

The volunteers who had bonded with him hoped that this poignant image would catalyze a miracle – the saving of Bobby’s life.

The caption accompanying the photo was equally heartrending. It pleaded with viewers to take the right action, warning that if they didn’t, Bobby’s life would be at risk.

In an attempt to make his adoption more appealing, Miami Dade Animal Services offered to contribute towards Bobby’s adoption fees. All they needed was someone to provide him a loving home…

And someone did!

There was an immediate flood of support. Numerous people wanted to rescue him – and quickly. Among them was Robert Miller. Upon seeing Bobby’s melancholic expression, she felt compelled to intervene.

Working for a local rescue group, Robert knew firsthand what could happen to dogs like Bobby if they weren’t found a new family.

However, another shelter volunteer named Paola managed to act first! When Robert arrived at the shelter, Bobby had already been taken by his new mum, Paola, to the vet’s office for a check-up. He received treatment there for some minor issues.

Paola committed to significantly improving Bobby’s life. She was aware that a post like Bobby’s could attract not just the good-hearted, but also some unkind individuals. That’s why she was keen to reach Bobby as promptly as possible.

No dog should have to spend the holidays alone. We are thrilled that Bobby has been given a second chance and has at last found his forever home.

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