Spencer the ‘Iconic’ Boston Marathon Dog Dies After Years of Delighting Athletes

Spencer, the beloved golden retriever known for boosting spirits at the Boston Marathon with his “Boston Strong” flag, sadly passed away at 13 after battling multiple bouts of cancer. Since 2015, Spencer became a regular sight at the marathon, gripping flags with pride. He was even crowned the Official Dog of the 126th Boston Marathon last year, a title he’ll now hold forever.

Apart from cheering on runners, Spencer served as a therapy dog. His owner, Richard Powers, described him as “an angel on Earth” in an Instagram tribute. Spencer bravely defeated cancer and a sizable tumor in 2020, even managing to attend the 2021 marathon. However, he faced an uphill battle with liver cancer diagnosed last September and eventually passed away on February 17th, surrounded by his loving family.

Running a marathon isn’t something I’ve tried, but I’d probably get a boost of energy seeing a golden retriever like Spencer cheering on the sidelines.

“I always looked forward to seeing Spencer on the route!” commented user wwultrakim. “He was the burst of encouragement we all needed!”

mutiger1016 shared, “Having Spencer there made one of my most memorable days even better. He truly was a gem for all of us. Thanks for letting him brighten up our community!”

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