Stray dog helps kindergarten kids safely cross the street

Dogs are beloved creatures that are cherished by numerous individuals due to their remarkable qualities. Not only are they exceptional pets, but they are also valuable for various other purposes such as serving as sniffer dogs or guide dogs.


In Georgia, a street dog has gained popularity on Instagram for assisting people in crossing the road. Kupata, the dog, is regularly featured in heart-warming videos posted on a dedicated Instagram account. Kupata resides in Batumi city, Georgia, and has amassed thousands of followers. Several videos showcase Kupata running up and down the zebra crossing, barking to alert people if a car approaches, and helping them cross the road.


It has been revealed that Kupata performs this duty daily, effectively working as a full-time traffic officer. Rumor has it that he may even be the most competent traffic officer around, although this information comes from anonymous sources.

“Kupata gets angry when a car crosses by every time,” a local resident told The Dodo. “He takes his job very seriously. And sometimes he waits for children for even an hour, to make sure that they feel safe in the park and they cross the street safely.”


The reason behind Kupata’s decision to become a traffic officer remains a mystery. Nevertheless, it is a remarkable feat. Kupata was originally a stray dog before the locals took it upon themselves to provide him with care. Perhaps the dog’s voluntary work is a way of expressing gratitude to the community members who aided him during his time of need.

According to the individual who manages Kupata’s Instagram account, “He arrived here as a puppy five years ago, and has been living in the staircase of one of the apartments ever since. People have been taking care of him, and everybody adores Kupata,” as reported to Bored Panda.

“He is popular not only in our country but in the whole World too. Since we published the video on how he is helping kids cross the road, many local people and tourists came to see Kupata and take some photos with him!”

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