Stray Dog with Head Stuck in Cheese Ball Container for 3 Days Saved

Meet Cheeto, a stray dog who, quite fittingly, found himself in a cheesy predicament with his head trapped inside a cheese puff jug for what seemed like three days.

Spotted wandering the streets of a Michigan neighborhood with the plastic container firmly stuck on his head, he drew the attention of both locals and Sue and Tom Walsh, the founders of The Last Stop Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. Attempts to rescue him initially proved challenging. Despite setting up a trap, Cheeto couldn’t detect the bait inside due to the container around his head. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, community members rallied together to help.

With the assistance of trail cameras and tip-offs from the Huron Police Department, Kim Broman Canales, who had dedicated days and nights to Cheeto’s rescue, finally managed to safely capture him.

After spending several sleepless nights searching and reaching out to neighbors in the rural area where he was last spotted, Kim finally received the call she’d been anxiously waiting for – a definitive sighting of Cheeto.

Rushing to the reported location, she carefully strategized her approach. “I observed the direction he was headed in and decided to hide behind a nearby shed. As he walked past, I stealthily approached him from behind with a snare,” she shared on Facebook. And much to her relief, her plan succeeded. “Thank God it worked!” she exclaimed.

Kim continued, “On our drive to Tom’s, there were tears of happiness shed. Some of these cases take a toll on your soul. The past 3 days have been extremely stressful worrying how this would end.”

The container was wedged so firmly over Cheeto’s head that they had to use a tree-branch cutter to remove it. While it was evident that he hadn’t eaten or drunk water in days due to the container, his skinny frame suggested he might have been deprived of food for even longer. Although Cheeto has a way to go, needing to put on around 20 pounds, he’s already gained 5, all thanks to the tender care and love from the Walsh family.

Cheeto is incredibly affectionate, readily sitting on command and even offering a friendly paw-shake. He adores snuggles and attention from those around him. Tom and Sue reckon he’d love to be a lap dog if he had the choice. For now, he’s comfortably recovering at their home until he’s ready for adoption.

Cheeto’s heartwarming story has caught the attention of many, even landing him a feature on Stephen Colbert’s show and other media outlets throughout North America.

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