Stray Mama Dog Hid Her Puppies So Well It Took Weeks To Find Them

Stray Rescue of St. Louis began receiving numerous calls over several weeks regarding a stray mama dog spotted wandering in a neighborhood. The concerned residents were aware that she had recently given birth, but the whereabouts of her precious puppies remained a mystery. During this time, the incredible kindness of the community shone brightly as many neighbors made sure to provide food for the mama dog. Stray Rescue of St. Louis expressed their gratitude, acknowledging that the combined efforts of these compassionate individuals played a vital role in ensuring the well-being of both mama dog and her pups.

Amidst the tireless search for her missing litter, the rescue organization finally had a breakthrough. Donna, one of their team members, spotted mama dog on the porch of an abandoned home. Filled with anticipation, Donna cautiously entered the premises and there, at the top of the stairs, lay Muffin and her adorable babies. The little ones were busily nursing, their hunger evident. Estimating their age to be around six weeks, Donna approached with caution. Despite issuing a warning growl, Muffin never lunged, displaying a remarkable level of trust.

Gradually, Muffin allowed Donna to leash her and lead her out of the abandoned home. Soon after, her seven precious “mini muffins” followed suit. Once safely back at the shelter, the rescue team dedicated themselves to caring for the entire family. Muffin, who turned out to be one of the “stinkiest dogs” they had ever rescued, received a much-needed bath. However, amidst her olfactory challenges, Muffin’s true nature shone through—she revealed herself to be one of the sweetest dogs they had encountered.

Describing Muffin as the kindest and gentlest mama, the rescue organization shared their admiration for her strength and resilience. With her puppies now at an age where nursing was no longer required, they would be placed in foster homes. Mama Muffin herself was also ready to transition to a foster home, where she would be lavished with endless massages and pampering. The once stressful and harrowing living nightmare was finally over for Muffin and her little family. The rescue organization expressed their awe at Muffin’s indomitable spirit, describing her as a truly strong, brave, and selfless soul.

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