Stray Mama Dog Riddled with Mange Follows Rescuers to Her Puppies

A mama dog and her little ones were found and rescued from an unkempt warehouse. The team from Saved Souls Animal Sanctuary in Thailand stepped in after getting word of a stray dog sheltering her pups amidst plastic bottles and discarded boxes in the building.

A rescuer carefully ventured into the dimly lit area, locating the pups and gently transferring them to a waiting crate outside. Once they were safe, Gabriela Leonhard, the founder of the sanctuary, warmly welcomed two of the puppies, declaring them as the “newest members of the Saved Souls Foundation.” The mother dog, visibly suffering from mange, cautiously emerged last, lured by the promise of food. She then followed the rescuers to reunite with her seven puppies who were waiting for her.

Once the entire canine family was safely gathered, they were promptly taken to the shelter. There, the mother dog tested positive for mange among other minor ailments. Fortunately, these conditions were treatable and she was free from severe illnesses like distemper or parvovirus.

Before reuniting them with their mother, each of the puppies underwent a thorough cleaning and bath.

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