The dog dumped with her teddy bear gets a new owner who would never abandon him

Ellie, a one-year-old Blue Lacy, resided with her family near Dallas, Texas until the fateful day they chose to abandon her. Alongside her teddy bear, Ellie was deserted at the shelter, holding onto her fluffy companion amidst confusion and anxiety, as narrated by

Strangely, the family had gone through the efforts of having Ellie spayed, microchipped, and adequately photographed mere months before they relinquished her. Consequently, she found herself alone in an intimidating shelter, with its constant noise and the looming threat of euthanasia due to limited space.

However, Ellie’s stay in the shelter was brief. Jennifer Jessup, a dedicated independent dog rescuer based in New York City, discovered Ellie via an online search. Subsequently, she reached out to her brother in Florida who was in the process of adopting a Blue Lacy dog.

A friend of Jennifer’s retrieved Ellie to transfer her to a boarding facility, ensuring all paperwork was sorted and Ellie could enjoy a bath. Following an overnight stay there, Ellie was relocated to a foster home until her transfer to Florida could be arranged. While she seemed to prefer the home environment, she remained inseparable from her teddy bear.

When the foster family attempted to photograph Ellie without her stuffed toy, she recoiled in fear. However, upon receiving the toy back, she grasped it as if it was her most treasured possession.

Eventually, the day arrived when Ellie was to meet her new dad! A transport company, TWD Transport, collected the lovable pup and embarked on a journey from Texas to Florida.

Exhausted from the long trip, Ellie was welcomed by her dad who had dedicated the entire day to make her feel at home. It was expected to take some time for Ellie to truly adjust after such turmoil.

Jennifer held an inner conviction that this was the ideal home for Ellie and her teddy bear, and it was truly evident!

Gradually, Ellie began to unwind, receiving plenty of affection from her new owner who couldn’t fathom the idea of abandoning her, unlike her previous family. Here’s to new beginnings for Ellie!

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