The dog waits 9 years in a shelter before finding a loving home

This dog, named Beauty, was found abandoned as a puppy in Mani, Greece. After she was found, she was taken in by a local charity and sadly spent the first nine years of her life in a shelter.

Beauty, along with 150 other dogs at that shelter, waited every day for a family to adopt them. Every time someone walked by her cage, she wagged her tail in anticipation and hope. But that day never came for Beauty.

To make matters worse, Beauty contracted leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease, last summer. They couldn’t let her live in the shelter while she was sick, so she was brought to Athens to live in a foster home, where she would finally receive proper care.

The best part is that Beauty will never have to live in a shelter again. She will stay in foster care, but is still waiting for a forever home.

In the meantime, he will continue to receive treatment. It feels and feels so much better! Her foster mother, Zaira, has a heart of gold and always takes in the sickest dogs and tries to nurse them back to health. Unfortunately, many of them died, but Beauty proved to be a real fighter. Although she was very weak and it didn’t look like she would make it, she defied all the odds and made it through!

She was given a second chance at life, but is now looking for a permanent home with a family that will love her unconditionally. He is a very friendly and sweet puppy and he definitely deserves a happy ending after everything he’s been through.

Watch Beauty in the video below:

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