The man threatens to drown the puppies, but a woman and her dog gave them a home

Dr. Deborah Wilson of Circle L. Cattle Ranch Animal Rescue & Refuge received something startling in her email. Someone informed her of a local male who no longer wanted his Pit Bull puppies and was threatening to drown the puppies if no one came to get them. There were nine Pit Bull puppies and they were also only around four weeks old.

Along with an additional rescue company, Circle L. Cattle Farm promptly rescued the pups. The other rescue organization took 4 of the young pups and the remaining five pups were most likely at the Circle L. Cattle Ranch.

Deborah brought the dogs to a mommy dog they just recently rescued from the Pinal County Sanctuary. The mother dog has 2 6-day-old puppies of her own, and Deborah wanted the mother to nurse all five dogs.

Luckily, the mommy dog took in the pups and treated them as if they were her own. She could have easily simply refused the pups, but rather acted as a surrogate for them.

Deborah composed on Facebook:

” When I came back I presented the rut to him, he smelled it and licked it, I positioned it on her nipples and he also started consuming today. She was fine and seemed happy. So one by one I generated the others, she accepted each one of them.”

Deborah included: “She is the best mum. Even though the new 5 are older, they are smaller in size than her 2. They are so excited that they care.”

The 5 dogs found a new home with this rescue pet and also her two little puppies.

A big thank you to Deborah and also to the rest of the neighborhood rescue who came together to save these poor pups. These adorable babies will be groomed and also when they get older they will be spayed/neutered and definitely ready for adoption. Ideally, all of them will certainly find caring family members who will certainly provide a permanent home.

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