The police officer helps save a puppy from drowning, then decides to become his master

While leaving a call, officers from the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office in Florida heard an almost inaudible whining sound emanating from a septic tank that made them halt. To their surprise, they discovered a puppy on the brink of drowning in the tank. Realizing that the puppy was homeless, one of the officers felt it was their duty to rescue and adopt him.

The cops had almost left the call they had just been on when they heard faint shouts coming from an empty lot. Many would have ignored them, but not them.

James Gettings was one of the officers who found the tiny puppy struggling to stay afloat in a septic tank. He was scared and exhausted, almost ready to give up when he was rescued.

They gave him several baths to make him smell like dog again, then tried to find his family. But apparently there wasn’t, and Gettings believed their meeting must be fate.

So he took him home and aptly named him Puddle. Now he is growing very comfortably and wants absolutely nothing.

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