The pregnant dog is thrown into the street, crying and begging for food

According to ilovemydogsomuch, Stella was a homeless dog who was discovered on the tough streets of Texas. She was pregnant at the time and was crying and begging for food. It was evident that she was living under cars for shelter and was distressed about the fate of her unborn puppies. Upon learning about Stella’s situation, the compassionate workers at the North Fork Animal Welfare League (NFAWL) promptly took her in.

After rescuing Stella, the NFAWL staff wasted no time in taking her to a veterinarian for a thorough medical examination. During the examination, x-rays revealed that the size of the puppies indicated they would arrive within the next 2 weeks. So, the workers provided Stella with a warm and comfortable space in a quiet room at the shelter. However, the staff was in for a surprise when Stella went into labor the very next morning!

As it turned out, the feeling of safety and security at the shelter was enough to induce stress-free labor for Stella. Workers watched over her diligently as she gave birth to 8 puppies in a matter of hours. As the shelter’s first shelter in over 20 years, this was sure to be a joyous moment for everyone!

The shelter appealed to the public for financial help to help them get justice for the emaciated mother and her cub. Stella needs extra nutrition to be able to raise her puppies well, while the cost of vaccination and spaying/neutering the litter will also be high. If you would like to contribute to the expenses of this rescued fur family, you can visit the GoFundMe page here. Spread the word.

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