The thirsty stray dog picks up an empty bucket and begs people for water

Residents of Peru’s capital Lima were devastated after they saw a poor homeless dog carrying an empty bucket in the hope of getting some water on a very hot day.

We know that there was a recent drought in Peru, which caused many people to leave their homes to find water. Unfortunately, the drought claimed many lives. If people suffered because of it, imagine what it was like for homeless animals!

Unfortunately, all of Lima’s open water sources have disappeared due to lack of water. Heartbreakingly, this dog, who is about to be hopeless, decides to pick a bucket in hopes of getting people’s attention and getting some water.

You can see in the video below that the dog wants to collect as much water as possible because there was little water in the bucket. He’s just thinking about the future! The dog is also petted by one of the witnesses, who also tried to get the bucket out, but the dog just won’t let go of the bucket! You can see in the video below that the dog is fighting! What a sad dog!

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