This stray dog sleeps with a stuffed toy and nobody cares

This story is about the time a volunteer found a homeless pet dog and also the amazing photo he took. The image managed to sum up a problem that is very current for a lot of dogs. Living in the open, homeless, cold and also lonely. The image went viral as fellow pet lovers were moved by the photo.

This photo touched the hearts of many animal lovers. A dog hugging a wrapped teddy bear. The canine seems to practically snuggle with it while resting.

For the volunteers at Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward, this is unfortunately a common occurrence to see dogs resting outside, chilled as well as alone. At the time, volunteers were outside feeding stray dogs and captured a few so they could take them to the rescue center where they would eventually find a forever home.

This is when a volunteer saw this dog sleeping and decided to take a photo. He admitted that it would touch the hearts of many animal lovers to see the issue in such a strong way.

Unfortunately, as their van was already full of canines ready to be claimed at the rescue facility, they were unable to catch the other dog. So, they chose to quickly drop off the dogs and return to save the resting dog when they returned.

Unfortunately, when they returned, the canine had actually disappeared into the present along with the stuffed toy.

But the volunteers met Calvin, an 89-year-old man who remained in the area. Calvin told volunteers that he owned the dog as a pet, but the dog kept escaping and ended up living on the streets again. He was unable to find the dog again.

Calvin also tried to do his best to help the wild pets of the Fifth District himself. Feeding and caring for the dogs that passed by. Unfortunately, this dog made sure to leave and also escape and has been searching ever since.

Volunteers offered to help Calvin with veterinary costs, consisting of spaying and neutering his pet dogs. Calvin was extremely happy for this help. Amazing to see animal lovers collaborating!

It is unfortunate that this story currently does not have a happy ending, but volunteers continue to function and discover the sleeping dog, in addition to every other homeless dog, as well as locate them the forever homes they deserve.

The dog featured in the photo is sadly one of many thousands and the non-profit teams will certainly continue to work to ensure that one day all dogs will have the ability to find their permanent homes.

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