Tiniest dog rescued from puppy mill meets his first ever real friend

Introducing Ruggles, an utterly charming Shih-Tzu puppy who was relocated to a new location to begin a fresh chapter in his life. In an effort to symbolize this new beginning, he was paired with a new companion, who, like him, was rescued from an unfortunate situation. Chompers the kitten was discovered alone, under a porch, barely two days old. The video provided below captures their initial meeting, as they are introduced to each other for the very first time.

Despite their challenging past, Ruggles and Chompers are now healthy and content, having been adopted into loving homes. In fact, Ruggles has even become the official ambassador for the shelter that rescued him, namely the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. As part of his role, he visits schools to educate children about the harsh reality of puppy mills and to raise awareness about the importance of adopting shelter pets.

“For those curious as to why Ruggles and Chompers were not adopted as a pair, the shelter initially intended for them to be adopted together. However, due to Chompers living up to her name and becoming too rough with young Ruggles, coupled with his health issues, it was deemed best for both animals to be adopted separately. Rest assured, they are both content and cherished in their new homes!”

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