Watch Stella, the Labrador Retriever Whose Leaf-pile Bombing Enthralls Us Each Fall

Many of us adore autumn for its cozy sweater vibes, pumpkin delights, and breathtaking landscapes. But for Stella, a Labrador retriever, the highlight of the season is diving headfirst into enormous heaps of crispy leaves.

Dubbed the “Queen of Leaves,” this 9-year-old English Lab has captured hearts online with her enthusiastic leaf dives and charming character. Her autumn antics have amassed her a fan base of 433,000 on Instagram and another 389,000 on TikTok. (Oh, and come winter, she’s got a thing for toppling snowmen.)

When you browse her videos, you’ll spot Stella frolicking with her canine sibling, Mabel, and a crew of furry and human pals, all immersed in pure joy. The backdrop? The gorgeous fall colors of Maine, where Stella and her family reside. Stella’s human, Jody Hartman, shared on Instagram that her love for leaf jumping began one day in October 2014. While he was busy raking a mountain of leaves in their garden, Stella spontaneously leaped in and got lost in the leafy wonderland. Enticed by her tennis ball and with camera in hand, Hartman captured the delightful moment.

With a knack for multimedia, video, graphic design, and marketing, Hartman has transformed these playful moments with Stella and Mabel into more than just a pastime. We’re indeed thankful for the joy-filled content this duo shares.

Here are five Stella videos that are sure to brighten your day.

@dognamedstella In Stellabration of the best season ever (and as requested by many), here’s a timeless classic 🍁 #tbt #stellasleafpiles #dognamedstella #pawtumn ♬ Pocahontas: Colors of the Wind – Geek Music

@dognamedstella A lot of questions about humans joining the fun… I’ll just leaf this right here 🍁🍂 #stellasleafpiles #pawtumn #dognamedstella ♬ The Blue Danube – Strauss

@dognamedstella Who’s ready? #falliscoming #stellasleafpiles #dognamedstella #dogsoftiktok ♬ I'm Coming Out – Diana Ross

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