Watch These King Penguins Willfully Waddle Around the Cincinnati Zoo in a Penguin Parade

Who doesn’t love a good parade, especially if there’s candy involved? But you know what might be even cooler? A penguin parade!

At the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, that’s exactly what’s happening. Every weekend until the end of February, some of the zoo’s king penguins get the chance to take a little supervised walk around the zoo.

On Jan. 14, three of these charming flightless birds decided to take a stroll. They waddled down the ramp and ambled through the zoo’s pathways, mesmerizing all the human spectators. Here’s a glimpse of their adventure:

@cincinnatizoo Penguin Parades are back! 🐧 #cincinnatizoo #animals #penguin ♬ Walker – Official Sound Studio

Have you seen that viral video watched by over 22.7 million people? If you’re in or around Cincinnati, you’ve got a few more opportunities this weekend to witness the penguins strutting their stuff in person.

During each parade, these adorable creatures make their way from the zoo’s birdhouse to the entrance of the children’s section. Later in the day, they march back.

Visiting the zoo during these chilly times is still delightful, especially with the discounted entry prices. “Wrap up warm, and you’ll be as thrilled as the parading penguins,” said Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard to WLWT.

Who knows what these penguins will do next? Maybe they’ll drop by to greet Fiona the hippo or even break out into a dance. With penguins, anything’s possible!

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